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  • Certified Makeup Artist
  • Event Organizer
  • Creative Director
  • 300 model bookings
  • 100 photographer bookings
  • 120 successful workshops
It's easy to smile when you love your work
Masayo Laing - Triple Threat
Triple Threat

You've heard of someone being a "triple threat"? For example, in the arts a "triple threat" describes a performer who can act, dance and sing. In sports, it may describe a player that is excellent offensively and defensively. Triple threats can transform a project and take it to a much higher level.

Triple threats are exceptional and therefore rare.

In the workshops world, I am a triple threat of sorts. Let me explain.

Most people in this industry really enjoy doing makeup or photography, and some even get quite good at it. But, they hate management and business and organizing people. They are specialists - exceptional makeup artists - who work for someone else.

I am a qualified makeup artist, event organizer and creative director. I work for myself and great people.

And to do that successfully, you tend to need to be a triple threat.

Event Organizer
Event Organizer

Photography Workshops

From 2008 to 2015 I co-organized over 100 workshops for one of Toronto's most successful and longest running fashion photography workshops - BFG Photography.

It was a huge success.

I learned every aspect of what it took to consistently organize a quality workshop. From this experience I opened my own workshop series.

In 2017 I launched my own fashion photography workshops for the Toronto area. Toronto Fashion Modeling and Photography Workshops is popular because it is aimed at multiple photography skill levels.

From beginner to advanced

Beginner-level workshops occur monthly. Photographers with little or no photography or fashion photo experience can quickly build a skill set. My extensive experience enables me to bring a quality experience at competitive prices. Typically my workshops sell out 80% to 100% of the time.

Those with intermediate and advanced photography and fashion shoot find substantial reasons to attend my more advanced workshops. Wardrobes, settings and themes are developed over months to make these workshops exceptional.

  • 30 Independent Workshops Since 2017
  • 80% Occupancy Rate Average
  • No Cancellations
Creative Director
Creative Director

Organizing beginner to advanced fashion photography workshops on a consistent basis means getting good at developing interesting themes. You can't keep doing the same thing or people get bored and go somewhere else. I keep my workshops themes fresh and interesting and people keep coming back.

As Creative Director/Makeup Artist I have entered showcases in local and regional exhibitions. These have included live fashion shows (Toronto and Montreal RAW, Beauty & Health Expo), Cultural Exhibitions (Matsuri at Dundas Square, East Asian Festival at Waterloo University, Asian Heritage Day at IBM Canada LTD, over 100 fashion photography workshops and more!)

RAW Montreal at Club Soda Team Photo
Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist

Makeup Qualifications

I have two points of training as a makeup artist - Toronto School of Professional Makeup and Mitsuyoshi Makeup, Traditional Japanese.

I am therefore a trained and certified makeup artist who specializes in authentic Japanese whiteface (note, Japanese whiteface may also include kabuki and geisha makeup).

Makeup Niche

I think it is generally important to specialize in this industry. My niche is authentic Japanese whiteface makeup and styling.

My authentic Japanese white face themes have been showcased by cultural and business organizations, including The Japan Consulate of Canada, The Canada-Japan Society, IBM Canada Ltd, to name a few. Ocassionally, I will include a Japanese theme in my advanced workshops.

Individual clients have also requested Japanese whiteface makeup. Whatever the occasion wearing authentic Japanese whiteface makeup and styling will make you a hit.

Not Just about workshops
Not Just about workshops

Fashion photography workshops remain at the core of what I do. However, it's not all about that. Over the years I have developed ongoing working relationships with local businesses. I am always open to discussing new opportunities with businesses that may benefit from my services.

I have a lot of experience creating and organizing theme-driven events. They take a lot of work and require drive and experience. To me they are challenges I happily accept. I get great satisfaction rising to the occasion and seeing everyone benefit from the results.

some clients & project areas

some clients & project areas

  • Cultural Events
  • Anime North
  • RAW
  • Caribana
  • Japan Consulate
  • Canada-Japan Society
  • Steampunk Workshop Theme
  • Local Businesses
  • Headshots & Personal Portraitures
  • Corporate Events
  • Promotional Speaker
  • Clothing Catalog
  • Magazine Published
  • Maiko Saki Theme at GUU Izakaya Toronto
  • On Location
  • Independent Film
  • Music Video
  • Theatre
  • Zameer - Shut the World Out Music Video